About Us

Spencer Hayden

Spencer Hayden


Owner of Royal Construction, a full service remodeling and restoration company. We focus on helping clients with custom remodeling and also providing a one stop option for clients when there property is in need of restoration and a company to handle the entire job from start to finish as opposed to hiring a mitigation company and then having to find a contractor to complete the re-construction process.

Founded in 2015

Solutions For The Future

The world is constantly evolving and so we must change also for the benefit of our customers, employees and communities. We are a company in search of a better way of working together to drive the industry forward and improve project delivery with greater efficiency and more predictability. Our core values is the passion that drives us to continuously deliver better results. They empower our team to make the right decisions for our customers and projects, to make a difference with their ideas and hard work, to find solutions that deliver more predictable results.

Our Word Is Our Bond

Transparency & Fairness

We perform business with the highest ethics of honesty and fairness. We are trustworthy and reliable. Ask our customers, team members, business associates and families. We want to be the one you can depend on to build your ventures and deliver great predictable end results. We exist to Build The Future & Restore The Past—including raving fans who trust us to get the job accomplished. With Royal Construction you get exactly what you see. When we say we will get it done you can count on us delivering on our word!