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Planning & Budgeting

Our Approach

Communication, planning & budgeting are essential to eliminating unforeseen project costs. We always look to strike a balance between highest quality work for the greatest value. You will receive a customized breakdown of our services. Because no two construction projects are the same, at Royal Construction our planning & budgeting process sets us apart from the competition. It’s important that we outline a project plan that corresponds with your budget, and you feel confident about. We are transparent with you about the steps we follow and our methods to help you achieve your goals. Royal Construction ensures full team participation at our first planning meeting – whether commercial or residential – so that you become acquainted with the key players on your project.

Our Expertise

The experienced professionals at Royal Construction will start by analyzing your requirements to estimate costs. We routinely anticipate all potential expenses at each phase of the construction schedule – both supplies and services – and share them with our clients up front. We will listen to your concerns and ask questions to gain a complete understanding of your project objectives and factor in your unique requests. Our team believes this planning & budgeting approach is the most efficient way to learn about your specifications and eliminates downstream confusion about fees. At the end of that meeting you will walk away with a thorough understanding of the project scope from permit process to project completion. Then you’ll never have to worry about what shows up in the final budget because it captures all the points discussed in the planning meeting. Afterward, we continue to work closely with you to compare actual expenses to the planned amounts. We stay in close contact and share updates at regular intervals so you always know how your project is progressing.

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